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>> brand nupe details in the debt crisis showdown. and confession from the man accused of terrorizing norway coming as the attacks draw new comparison to the oklahoma city bombing. i am harris faulkner and this the fox report. putting a face to the twin terror attacks rocking norway. some of the youngest survivors account the horror. >> he was going around and killing people. >> come and be together and he
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just shoot them. >> we learned about what the suspect did that helped him to pull off the massacre. >> he was a regular guy. he lived normal like norwedgians are. >> in minutes. fox with the latest developments. a symbol of hope back on sacred ground. >> 10 years, the world trade center cross is coming back to the site. for many recovery workers of all faiths and tradition it was a comfort. >> honoring a piece of wreckage that served as a source of healing. another high level meeting on
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capitol hill just ending. a lot of talking among the lawmakers and so far no decisions . we are getting closer to potentially defaulting on our debt. now new video from inside of house speaker john boehner's office. this is the meeting that just wrapped up and it followed what we understand to be a day of frenzied negotiation and an emergency meeting called by president obama that lasted an hour . congressional leaders agreeing to work through the weekend . cut spend raise the debt ceiling limit. lawmakers hope to come up with a deal by tomorrow afternoon. meanwhile the s&p warning to downgrade the u.s. credit rating even if there is a deal. all the motivation to come up with a plan and fast.
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the problem differing ideals. >> before we ask seniors to pay more for medicare. we should ask the wealthiest to give up tax breaks we can't afford. >> small business owners are pleading to the government to stop reckless pend balance the budget and get out of the way. >> wendall it sounds like a battle brewing over a short-term debt ceiling increase. >> that may be the case. the problem is the debt ceiling long enough to last through 20 12. boehner is cutting the debt ceiling more than the debt increase. the meeting in the white house. republicans may propose taking the cuts agreed to in the talks chaired by biden and raising the debt ceiling that
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much which would not get the country through next year. carny said a short-term extension could cause the credit rating to be downgrade causing harm to the economy and causing americans to pay more for credit card rates and more more car and home loans. speaker boehner's spokesman said the president probably doesn't want to hold debates on the spending cuts in the middle of the campaign season. >> and wendall. there is disagreement about the august 2nd deadline and tonight, it sounds like more urgeency about the deadline. >> not only that deadline, harris, but the markets and there is a push now to get the frame work of a deal before the markets open monday and perhaps before the asian markets open tomorrow night . the fear is, the collapse of the talks on friday which took
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place after the market closed could be 800 drop in the dow industrial when congress voted down the wall street bail out in 2008 . late today in john boehner's office. democrat and house and republican lawmakers got back together . boehner said congress will forge a responsible path forward and no one will respond to questions. the focus appeared to be getting the frame work of a deal tomorrow x. administration officials warning that the u.s. markets may not wait for august 2nd. if they don't think democrats and republicans will come up with a plan that cut the debt significantly. the thing plan is to get a plan that the market will believe in. >> thank you, we'll tell you two big interviews on fox news
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sunday. chris wallace speaks with john boehner. an exclusive only on fox . chris will talk with treasury secretary tim githener. you will not want to miss it >> now to norway, a nation in mourning tonight. new information about the two terror attacks that shock that country. the suspect in the attack telling local media that his client admitted responsibility. one of the attacks a bombing in the office of the prime minister. he was not there at the time. the crisis has united the norwedgian people. >> norway is a small country but we feel very strong with the people of about the violence we have seen. >> police have not confirmed a second shooter in the youth camp yesterday. but they are saying they are investigate witness reports.
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the shooting rampage killed 80 people there alone. survivors counting the cold blooded nature of the gunman. >> she - he was going around and killing people and i saw a girl and she was crying because she had seen him shoot another person. >> and latest streaming live for us in norway. what doy woo know about the suspect in custody. >> harris, getting into the minds of anders breivik not easy. he did not have a reputation of being an extremist. but this evening, something interesting. the man's lawyer saying that the suspect confessed also saying something that was troubling, in his mind breivik considered these actions aon -
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on atrocious but necessary. the death toll is expected to rise after the shooting rampage on the island. a massacre that lasted 90 minutes. some people are listed as missing. the young people say they were dealing with a mad man. >> he came in and like the people here. he said come and be together. they ran up and he shoot them . so. >> you see that >> yeah. >> he was just like shooting everyone. there are vigils all over town. this is a nation that is really shooked and no doubt about it people trying to figure it all out. we were in the church earlier this afternoon. the main lutheran church was packed and that is normally not the case. people are looking for a reason behind it all. this is such a small country
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to give you an idea. if an attack of the same porhappened in the united states it would have been more than 5,000 people who were dead. >> there is another part of the story that is unfolding. we'll see how it could change norwedgian security officials. street police officers there typically don't carry guns. more on that at the bottom of the hour. late day results coming in on the official list of gop candidates included on the iowa straw poll bail -- ballot. it is the campaign stick. here's the ballot. six candidates who reserve space had a guaranteed spot. they are congresswoman
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michelle bachmann and herman cain . thaddeus mccotter and ron paul of texas and tim pawlenty and rick sanatorium . the poll will include newt gingrich and huntsman and mitt romney . for the first time there will be space for write ins and the field is open. the poll takes place august 13th. two days after the candidates debate. notable names not on the ballot. palin and perry. neither has officially declared their candicy but still strong contenders and could have been included. three candidates were off. new mexico gary johnson and buddy roamer and fred carger. >> and now the heat that is stifling many parts of the nation on this saturday. temperatures pushing
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triple-digits for days now . now confirmed deaths related to the extreme weather. when will we see relief. forecast from the fox weather center coming up and united states congressman who had scandal in his past, now facing allegations that he engaged in unwanted sexual behavior with a woman who recently graduated from high school. stay close. but it's our job to make them say sothing interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. glidden premium paint has been rated a best buy, and you can only get it at the home depot.
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for dentists, the choice is clear. fact is, more dental professionals brush with aal-b toothbrush than any other brush. trt the brush more dentists and hyenists use, oral-b. >> americans in the nation waiting for the deadly heat wave to pass. many of you living through another day of triple-digit temperatures after so many broken records yesterday. today it feels like 120 degrees in washington d.c. and feels like temperature for new jersey a hundred or more. the weather is believed to have caused 12 deaths.
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>> your body sweat and never lived through that before or not. >> no air conditioner. just the fan, that's it. >> the electrical grid under serious strain at this hour and people are doing whatever they can to keep cool or doing. we have team fox coverage. maria molina in the fox weather center and julie ban deras live in new york city. >> yeah, it is 92 degrees in new york city. far cry from the triple-digit temperatures that we experienced yesterday in new york city. but across the country in the midwest and northeast, oppressive and heat, air alerts in affect in new york city and heat advisories continue in north texas. we have video of the 22nd day in a row peop are enduring over 100 degrees temperatures.
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so far this summer, the area has had a total of 28 days in the 100 degrees mark. there is drought-like conditions. water levels are decreasing and causing water levels to simply disappear and the heat wave blamed for a hundred deaths in the country. an 18 year old landscaper died in kentucky and had a temperature of 110 . in chicago seven people doid of heat stress or heart stroke. but meteorologist with the national weather service saying cities like new york and chicago are experiencing the urban heat island affect. that means all of the concrete and black top warms up and keeps the city faster and stays hotter longer. overnight very little relief. temperatures didn't get below 80 degrees . yesterday take a look at the numbers and murkry in newark,
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new jersey reaching 108 degrees. highest temperature ever recorded there. while in new york city 104 and philadelphia and boston 103 and portland maine, 101 . triple-digit numbers making for a miserable summer and residents trying to beat the heat and drenched with overnight rain storms knock out power for 85,000 people. the good news, well, it is almost night time which means that the temperatures will hit in the 80 degrees mark. as i mentioned to you, hot concrete and back at it tomorrow . hopefully will give us good news and feeling like summer come monday. back to you. thank you, julie. >> and you have forecasters calling it a heat dome that we are stuck under . maria molina, when will it
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move on. >> julie is correct. we expect relief come monday. heading southbound. areas in texas and northern texas, a lot of consectative days for areas of 100's specifically dallas texas. tweend consectative day of triple-digit heat. northern areas in the plains feeling a relief. minneapolis at 83 degrees and looking at more pleasant conditions for the next couple of days as well the problem is not just the temperature. factor in the humidity, it feels hotter outside. feels like are you degrees in new york city . 105 in kansas city and 104 in dallas. we have excessive heat warnings in the eastern sea board and parts of the midwest of the most of them will be expiring because of a cold front sweeping through.
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heat index values. 124 degrees is what felt like in delaware and wilmington and atlanta 122 degrees . that is dangerous stuff. we expect relief come by monday. >> cold front and i almost jumped out of my seat. maria, thank you so much. >> it is the brutal beating that shocked this nation and it didn't have to be a baseball fan to feel that way. fresh developments with the arrest of two new suspects connected on the savage attacks of a dad in dodger stadium. singer amy winehou found dead. new details of her passing, next. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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♪ >> what a voice. singer amy winehouse found dead in her london home. her body draped in a red clothe. police say she died from a suspected drug overdose. she shot to fame in an album. winehouse with her black beehive hair do and sailor tatooses made hear a star. but self destructive talents. she cancelled her european europe after swaying her way through barely recognizable. >> it was her first show of the tour in belgrade. the crowd booed her off of the stage and her management said
4:24 pm
she would take time to recover. amy is dead tonight at age twen. >> graphic details coming out in the near deadly beating of a fan in los angeles. 42 year old dad and paramedic remains in serious condition. this after two men now behind bars beat him in a coma back in march. there is a lot of twists and turning coming out. >> harris, police said all along stow was targeted because of the team he was rooting for. he was a san francisco giants fan and came to an la dodger game down in la and the los angeles police department finding it in a pr mess after the police chief came out and said that this man was the prime suspect in the case. ramirez was arrested back in
4:25 pm
may, but he was never formally charged with the crime. now investigators say they had it wrong and ramirez had nothing to do with the beating. the beating that happened in the parking lot of dodger's stadium as 100 witnesses watched in horror and the police department made no apologizes for it which does not sit well with the family of the man wrongly accused here. >> if you don't have any proof, why did you submit a picture of him on public and say he is, he is the suspect. he is the first suspect. no, that is wrong. something, there is a big, big mistake that they made. >> unfortunately in this case, it took a long amount of time to establish information that exxon rated mr. ramirez. >> 29 year old louie sanchez
4:26 pm
and marvin norwood are behind bars. they are not disclosing the evidence. a third person arrested, a woman suspected of driving the get away car bonded out of the jail yesterday, harris. >> all of this is going othe and the other part is bryan stow. how is he doing? >> he's doing better. he underwent surgery to remove fluid build up on the brain. but his family said he's making improvements and reportedly opened his eyes and mouthed his name. he was repeatedly kicked in the head in the attack and doctors fear he will suffer permanent brain damage as a result and getting better and making progress. >> thank you, casey. >> it is norway's deadliest attack since world war ii. gripping violence coming at
4:27 pm
the hands of a norwedgian . also urgeency in washington d.c.. congressional leaders from both sides of the political aisle meeting just a short time ago. what came out of the latest round of talks, we are live on capitol hill. stay close. -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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>> the debt crisis heating up
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in washington. house speaker boehner office. hoping to come up with a plan by tomorrow afternoon. this is the second meeting today alone. nancy pelosi is always hope earlier they meet with president obama to hopefully come up with a frame work on how to cut the budge and raise the debt ceiling. there is a lot of concern about a slide on wall street if a plan is not in place before monday's trading. asian markets are watching, too. shortly before nancy pelosi and harry reid emerged from
4:32 pm
boehner office. a representative from the house rules committee went n that appears that they are getting close to staging votes. first step to do that is go through the rule's committee. senator reid went in with a press release aif i wering his opposition for a short-term fix . the interview with laura ingram for the o'reilly factor speaker boehner whose gop allies favor a short-term approach sought to have calm. >> you expect it by wednesday? >> i believe so. we don't know. i think these conversations have gone on. president doesn't want to do anything. >> is that a game of chicken that willented badly for the
4:33 pm
american public. >> it is only friday. >> gang of six. group of democratic and republican senators has been trying to fashion a compromise plan. mike crapo of iowa chastised president obama that they had tax hike. but senator conrad of north dakota said history will treat obama well. >> perhaps they are. but it would be unfortunate if we missed the opportunity for what the president has tried to do . history will treat him very well on this question of trying to get a comprehensive bargain in the range of four trillion dollars. because that's what is necessary to stabilize the debt and bring it down. we are not expecting an announcement tonight. but expect a boiler plate
4:34 pm
announcement that is signed by the four congressional leaders. interesting that boehner after his meeting with president obama said it will be the house and senate leaders will work toward come promise and omitted to mention the president or whoit white. >> interesting that is where it began with the president. >> james rosin. two big interviews on fox news sunday. chris wallas speaks with john boehner. you don't want to miss it. it is an exclusive seen only on fox. >> and chris will talk to treasury secretary tim gith near. returning now to the deadly terror attacks in norway.
4:35 pm
have you seen security changings. >> it is just 24 hours. when we kim in the airport this morning. and will be for a while . part of that for clean up and we are seeing a lot of sold yerse on the street something that is never or has never been the case here. it shocked them to military security, harris. they have the guns but they normally do not carry them and people noted that . that could change.
4:36 pm
and it is never going to be the same when he puts the key in the door. something essential has changed there. it is interesting. the american embassy is fort fortified . not user friendly. i am not saying the norwedgians will do on it the american way but will take a step in that direction. >> craig burke report oslo. >> and president obama offering america's condollences following the attacks and calling norway's prime minister earlier and saying that the president offered assistance and anything that the u.s. can provide to the country's government. >> a frightening and deadly scene in chin a. state media reported 32 people confirmed dead after two high speed trains crashed into each other in the eastern province.
4:37 pm
four of the cars fell off of a bridge. these trains travel at 95 miles per hour an hour. lightning hit a train and caused it to lose power and stall on the tracks. we are told that 200 people are injured. >> weeks after a deadly accident. a sunken cruise ship is recovered in russia. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. russia, an operation underway to recover the cruise ship wrecked andicling 114 people with 8 passengers unaccounted for. crews tried to use a large crane. poor weather conditions are delage the effort. indonesia, secretary of state hillary clinton condemning the norway terror attack in bali. she mourns the loss of life and said it strikes in the
4:38 pm
heart and soil soul of people. >> haiti, another clinton overseas. former president clinton announcing a pledge to money to schools. >> arey i, children will go to school and get a good meal every day. >> he co-chairs a committee. he met with the haitian president and other officials to plan further recover miscellaneousmeasures. >> and australia, a costly mistake ruining a million dollars with wine. 462 cases to smash on the warehouse floor. the wine maker hoping to break in the u.s. market priced them at $200 a piece. that is a wrap on the fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> new information in the latest sex scandal that strike capitol hill. accusations surrounding a
4:39 pm
congressman and a young woman who graduated hospital last year. >> plus, a symbol of hope rest nothing a brand new home. >> and a emotional homecoming for the fighting forces. welcome home. ♪ [ singing ] ♪ remember the heroes . copd makes it hard to breathe,
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>> a u.s. congressman accused of unwanted sexual behavior with a young woman who graduated high school last year. david wu, a democrat back in the spotlight claiming that the young woman made the accusation . the paper said wu acknowledged the encounter but said it was essential. he made headlines with his picture last october. he sent it and explained he
4:43 pm
was going through a difficult time. peter doocy had more. >> hen someone checked the voice mail. they heard an emotional message by a girl who said the congressman involved her in an unwanted sexual encounter. all the congressman said so far. this is very serious and i have no desire to bring unwanted publicity or stress to a young woman and her family . that's it. the newspaper reported that it is a daughter of a long-time wu campaign donor and she doesn't call because there were not witnesses . wu has admitted something sexual happened. but he said it was consensual and this is not the first time he had to do explaining. this photosurface sent it out to the staff.
4:44 pm
showing the tiger and other bizarre behavior and other e-mail messages. some staffers want him to enter into a mental hospital and he refused. accusations of this kind are not new. he tried to make a girl he used to date have sex with him. >> peter doocy, thank you very much. an moment in ground zero. crews lowering the world trade center cross in the museum. a worker discovered it in the rubble after 9/11 and many people thought it was a symbol of home. >> in the midst of the flames and smoke and debris and death and destruction a cross formed by the steel and the way in which the building came down .
4:45 pm
so, it was like, a sense that we were not abandoned by good . good was here and with us. >> the museum set to open its doors next year with the outdoor memorial happening 10 years after the attack. >> for more stories of rebuilding. the rise of freedom with shepherd smith. every thursday night on the fox report and you can check out the entire series on line at fox >> homecoming for the members of the massachusetts national guard. hugs and tears for the 144 soldiers returning to worcestor. they came home yesterday. they are from the first battalion, 181 infrantry reg min and spent a year in afghanistan. >> it is surreal and not thinking about going back. >> it is a long year and a longer year for these guys.
4:46 pm
it is great to come home. >> and another soldier finishing his fifth tour over seas, said it is the little things here at home that keep him going. >> retired army general john had a stroke in 2004 that paralyzed his left side. he lived in washington originallyy from poland . he served under president clintonon and made crucial decisions on sending troop to bosra. -bos nia. >> and a raging fire in the middle of the heat wave . a driver made a surprising discovery in the back of his car. pennsylvania, a fire ripping through a warehouse in pittsburg. it took hours in the entense
4:47 pm
heat before crews got it under control. we are told that the flames hit propane tanks and sparking several explosions. no word on what caused it. hope hoe, a frantic 911 call from passengers trapped in an suv as it plunged in a lake. >> we aring. it is in the water. >> yes. it happened in a mar rin a. we are told that the driver's foot slid off the break . an officer sprang into action. >> i took my shirt and gun off and phuse ran out and then the car came next. ed husband and wife are doing now just fine. >> california. a motorcycle is east of the la unexpectedly changing vehicles. >> i didn't have time to stop and i hit a rear end and blew
4:48 pm
through the window and in the back seat. the driver unaware he had a new passenger until half a block later. the biker only needed a few bandages. >> colorado, a medical break through. helping paralyzed patients get back on their feet. these are elegs and braces that help to bend the news. a battery pack controls the device. this woman said it yells freedom. >> do you know about this? >> it is the annual extrave gansa where the fans meet the cretar of the comic book creations. >> hundreds of people saw it. ♪
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>> premiering tonight and three performeast yern your chance to relive all of the stories that kept you glued in your seat. daring missions and the bizarre balloon boy . was that the dad in the video?
4:53 pm
it starts tonight. and so much for going forward. a tax break for airlines does not translate to a price break for customers. several federal taxes on flights expired rather last night. but rather than cutting the fares, u.s. airways and american airlines raised the ticket price to keep them the same but they passed the savings along to customers. >> quite a sight in california with monsters and hobits in thistriment part of comic con. thousands gathering in san diego for the look at comic books and tv shows and movies. it is a geek hen fest. this gihad just one goal in mind? just read the t-shirt. and say thank you. >> geek feast.
4:54 pm
no, much to his surprise he got his wish. steven speilberg spot today and brought him on stage with a picture. >> lord of the rings peteriac jack . that is a comic con that he will not forget. he will need a new t-shirt for next year. >> are you ready for fobble. this is it. two emergency meetings in one day on raising the moment of money our nation with borrow. lawmakers working to come up with a plan tomorrow. sunday on resolving the debt crisis. a recap of our top story. talk. but it's our job to make them say sothing interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done
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if they don't make a decision soon preseason games will not happen. they are going over a deal that is on the table. owners support it but players have yet to vote on it and fans are getting restless. >> i can hardly wait for a resolution and i am anxious to see the packers play again. >> i just want them to make a decision so the fans can watch the game. >> we are told that the player's association will not make decisions until next week. high level meeting wrapping up in washington. house minor leader nancy pelosi seen leaving boehner's office and said it is not over yet. the attorney for the man
4:59 pm
accused in the attack said his client admitted responsibility. more than 90 people were killed. on this day in 1904. transformed with the popular with the of the ice cream cone. fod vendor wrapped it in a pastry similar to a waffle and it was popular with imitation and disagreements over the cone's origin. >> he latest opened the cone company and it hit the ice cream trade journal. the cone let customers scream for ice cream 107 yeavers ago today. we could use that right now. that is how fox reports.

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